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Brigade: a group of people organized for a special activity


Are you looking to implement positive change in our nation? These action oriented patriot groups are a good way to get involved. For more information contact the Brigade chairs listed below.

County Commission


Mission Statement: Build a robust communication process to connect and share information not only within the RWR community, but across all conservative platforms.  Our focus is to fully engage people and strongly encourage bold contact with our current politicians regarding policy-making issues and processes and also to promote future candidates that fully represent our goals and values

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Election Integrity

Update: All efforts regarding election integrity have been stonewalled or blocked by the Secretary of State, the Governor, the Legislature and the courts.  

We are going to work on doing our own ballot harvesting by contacting our neighbors and friends and letting them know we don't trust the machines and asking if they would let us know when their mail-in paper ballots are ready and we'll pick them up and hand-deliver them to the Registrar of Voters office directly. The fewer hands that touch the paper ballots, the better.

We're also urging as many people as possible to go to and scroll down for the link to volunteer or be a poll worker.  They are hiring now for February and May, 2022.  Yes, it is long hours for many consecutive days without break. However, if they have more folks than they need, they may consider shorter shifts and more people per day, so it would be worth it to try to get on.

Tracey Thomas has been a poll-worker for 20 years and in 2020, they assigned her to the back room, where she saw plenty that wasn’t done fully or well. She has found many questions used in the investigation into election fraud in the State of Wisconsin.  These are questions that we need to ask our County Registrar.  Tracey will send you a page if questions which you can electronically cut and paste the questions and email Registrar Deanna Spikula via email, in the hope of getting some answers in writing. The idea is to ask enough tough questions that maybe they will look into their own system and see it wasn’t completely pure and safe, which until now, they are stating. 

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Second Amendment 

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Veterans' Affairs

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Republican Women of Reno  is a 527 not-for-profit organization. PO Box 21292, Reno, NV  89515

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