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RWR Brigades

The RWR Brigades were created by the Legislative & Advocacy Committee to advocate for conservative issues in our community.  The Brigades do not hold regular meetings but are involved in the activities below and communicate via email.

County Commission/WCHD Brigade: Chair:  Cindy Martinez. .  Contact  RWR President NicĂ´l Herris at nicollea@me.com.
Attends Washoe County Board of Commissioners and Washoe County Health District meetings to lobby, speak, and present views on issues to be voted on by the Commissioners.  
E-Communications Brigade: Chair:  Janet Butcher,  jbutcher400@charter.net.
Responsible for sending emails on important meetings, rallies and community events of interest to the Brigades.
Election Integrity Brigade: Chair:  Teri Bartl, teribartl44@gmail.com.
Holds regular Workshops with speakers to advocate election reform and educate the public on the various issues associated with the voting process in Nevada and nationwide. 
School Board Brigade: Chair:  Bev Stenehjem, bevstenehjem@gmail.com.
Attends Washoe County School Board meetings to lobby, speak, and present views on issues to be voted on by the School Board.  Holds regular Workshops and is a strong advocate of school reform, home schooling and the abolishment of Critical Race Theory.
Second Amendment Brigade: (looking for a chair)
Advocates for legislation supporting our Second Amendment gun rights. 
Legislative Brigade: (looking for a chair)
Informs members of upcoming key legislative issues and provides information on which legislators to contact.

Veterans’ Affairs Brigade:    Chair:  Brigitte Stafford,  sparkey024@aol.com.

Supports  care for veterans and informs members of local issues concerning veterans.

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