Celebrating 70 years........Leading the way supporting conservative values in the Silver State

RWR Contacts

2022 Executive Officers

President: NicĂ´l Herris nicollea@me.com 775-300-3763
1st VP: Bev Stenehjem bevstenehjem@gmail.com, 408-705-6537
2nd VP: Kate Vineyard kate64great@gmail.com, 408-835-9101
Treasurer: Cindy Sassenrath escapella@gmail.com, 707-621-2009
Rec. Sec.: Jane Krider kriderjane029@gmail.com, 707-386-0597

Appointed Offices

Chaplain: Beatriz Robinson/Kathy Doyle
Corresponding Secretary: Victoria Crockett

Appointed Chairs

Achievement Awards: Kathy Doyle
Armed Services/Homeland: Joan Shoop
Auditing: Budget and Finance: Cindy Sassenrath
By-Laws: Michelle VanderStokker
Caring for America: Connie Furlong
E-Communications: Kathy Doyle
Event Planning: Fundraising: Could be YOU!
Historian: Kathy Doyle
Legislative & Advocacy: Could be YOU!
Literacy: Doni Webber
Newsletter: Victoria Crockett
Nominating: Joan Shoop
Parliamentarian: Joanna Schumacher
Political Affairs & Activities: Debbie Hudgens
RWNN PAC: Barbara Kirk
Technology (includes Website & Ecommunications): Cindy Sassenrath

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