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Become a Citizen Lobbyist: Since Republicans are outnumbered in the Nevada State Legislature our input is essential. Legislators want to hear from us. Our Governor wants to hear from us. They need to know we are paying attention. There are a couple of easy ways to provide feedback.

How Do I Submit Feedback?

You can use the Nevada GOP application, Voter Voice, to send messages directly to your legislators, https://nevadagop.org/advocacy/

This guide shows you how to look up bills on NELIS. There is a link on the bottom of the Overview page for each bill where you can submit feedback.

Use NELIS - Contact Your Legislature

Support These Bills

AB103 Limiting The Nevada Governor's Emergency Powers

This Bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Jill Dickman and  Senator Robin Titus, requires a state of emergency or declaration of disaster proclaimed by the Governor to terminate after 60 days, unless the Legislature expressly approves a continuance of the emergency or disaster

AB88: Requires proof of identity to vote in an election

This bill, sponsored by Greg Hafen, requires proof of identity if voting in person, and requires personally identifying information be included when submitting a mail ballot.

SB75  An act relating to elections; providing that a registrar of voters is an elected office

This bill is brought forward by Assemblywoman Dickman and Senator Titus, and it would require Clark and Washoe to elect their registrar of voters. Currently, in our two largest counties, elections are run by appointed, unaccountable registrars with no ties to the voters. This one is a no-brainer - let's have the people running elections be accountable to the citizens voting.

AB89 is brought by the entire Republican caucus, and it would require e-Verify for all public works projects in Nevada. 

Oppose These Bills

AB175 AN ACT relating to education; revising provisions governing the election and appointment of members of the board of trustees of certain school districts

This bill changes the Clark and Washoe County School Boards from seven elected members to 4 elected members and 3 appointed members, who are appointed one by the County Commission and one by each of the two major cities by their city councils. So you have 4 elected and 3 appointed School Board Members in each both Clark and Washoe Counties. A recent proposed amendment would keep the 7 elected members and add instead 4 NON-VOTING APPOINTED MEMBERS in Clark and 3 NON-VOTING APPOINTED MEMBERS in Washoe. (just in case the school board members need expertise from those with professional experience. )

SB54 An act relating to elections; requiring the Secretary of State to prepare, maintain and publish an elections procedure manual.

The county and city clerks would be required to comply with the procedures. The election procedures manual would be exempt from the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act. There would be no public hearings and no provision has been made to gather input from local election officials.

SB162 : Polling Places in Jails

This is not the Babylon Bee, this is a real law being considered in Nevada. Democrats want to bring ballots and allow same day registration for one of their biggest voting blocs - criminals. Read more about this insanity at the Nevada Globe. Legislators across the state need to hear your voices against this madness.

SB142  would enact the "Homeless Bill of Rights"

This bill would allow a homeless person free movement and use of "public sidewalks, government buildings, public parks and public transportation vehicles." Does this include the sidewalks outside Democrat legislators' homes? 

The bill states the homeless person has a reasonable expectation of privacy in his or her personal property, regardless of his or her location or the location of the property. (If someone is sleeping on a public sidewalk, does that mean you can't look.) A person experiencing homelessness whose privacy (or other rights) have been violated may bring a civil action in a court and receive damages and attorney fees.

SB163 wants Nevadans to pay for the sterilization and sex changes of children.

Kids can't get a tattoo until they're 18, and they need parental permission to pierce their ears. But Democrats want to use your tax dollars to pay for sex changes. This anti-scientific outlook which says you can change your biological sex - you can't - has no place being funded by the government. This is, in a word, horrifying. 

AJR3: Green New Deal - Amend the NV Constitution for Social Justice Eco-Warriors

The same (former) double-dipper who wants you to put polling places in jails  also wants to amend the Nevada Constitution to say that natural resources are "the common property of all the people". What about if you discover valuable mineral resources on your land? What about if you have a pool or grass that legislators want to banwhile they exempt the rich and powerful from the same laws? No Green New Deal in Nevada please.

SB 131 An act relating to reproductive health care ; prohibiting health care licensing boards from disqualifying from licensure or disciplining a person for providing or assisting in the provision of certain reproductive health care  services. (Abortion Tourism Bill). 

According to The Nevada Independent, Lombardo has said he will sign this bill. Forty-one Democrats are sponsoring this bill. Virtue signaling at its worst!

AB 95 An act relating to public office; requiring, with certain exceptions, candidates to submit petitions of candidacy.

This bill puts a burdensome new requirement on all candidates running for statewide and all local offices except irrigation districts. It forces all candidates to create a petition and gather signatures between January 2 and the middle of March, the deadline for candidates to file. This would favor incumbents rather than new office seekers.

AB118 Reduces the Board of Regents from 13 members to 9 members

Nine districts are entirely within Clark County. District 8 is part of Clark and includes all of Elko, Esmeralda, Eureka, Lincoln, Nye and White Pine Counties. District 9 includes Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Lander, Lyon, Mineral and Storey Counties. District 10 includes Reno and Sparks, and District 11 includes Humboldt, Pershing and Washoe Counties. If the number  of Regents are reduced from 13 to 9, there will be almost no representation for any county but Clark.

For more bill analysis (support or oppose), see the resources at the bottom of the page.

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